Click Spot D (Long Snoot) with Trimless Housing

Click Spot D - Trimless Adjustable Downlight


"Click in | Click out" light module compatible with any Trim or Trimless housing in the Click Series range

Features a Long Snoot For Accented Highlighting

25 degree tilt and 355 degree rotation

Finishes -- 

black, white

CODE  …  4911

WATTAGE  …  10 W

CCT and LUMEN OUTPUT  …  2700K - 622Lm 3000K - 674Lm 4000K

CRI  …  92


DIMMABLE  …  Yes, DALI, Phase, Touch

ACCESSORIES  …  Semi Trimless housing -Code 4682 Trimless housing-Code 4910

VOLTAGE  …  240v

DRIVER  …  remote driver included, dedicated remote

Recessed downlight with a long snoot that sits below the line of the ceiling. Long snoot minimises glare and limits waste light while providing accented highlighting. Has 20 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation. Luminaire housing with minimal trim. Supplied complete with dimmable remote constant current driver and flex and plug.