Click Spot B (Tunnel) with Trimless Housing

Click Spot B - Trimless Adjustable Downlight


"Click in | Click out" light module compatible with any Trim or Trimless housing in the Click Series range

Tunnel Baffle for Reduced Glare

25 degree tilt and 355 degree rotation

Finishes -- 

black, white

CODE  …  4909

WATTAGE  …  10 W

CCT and LUMEN OUTPUT  …  2700K - 630Lm 3000K - 680Lm 4000K

CRI  …  92


DIMMABLE  …  Yes, DALI, Phase, Touch

ACCESSORIES  …  Semi Trimless housing-Code 4640 Trimless housing-Code 4909

VOLTAGE  …  240v

DRIVER  …  dedicated remote

Recessed adjustable downlight with "click in | click out" light module with tunnelshaped baffle that can be used in any housing in the Click Series range. 25 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation. Luminaire housing supplied with a mesh ring that is plastered in. Supplied complete with dimmable, remote constant current driver and flex and plug.